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Games That Need a Reboot, Part 1

Nostalgia…a word that has become synonymous with confabulation, otherwise a mistaken memory, distorted over time that can lead to disconnected fabrications, self-deceptive in nature.  In this case, Nostalgia carries a slightly negative connotation simply because ‘it isn’t as good as you think you remember it being’.


This is the craziest aspect of being a retro gamer.  We revel in the old, replaying our favorite classic games time and time again.  We respect the craft, idolize the masters of game design and can always toss aside the current gen game that misses the mark and pop in Super Mario 3 to pass the time.  I know that nostalgia can be subjective as we all have our own experiences which vary from player to player.  To those who chalk up ‘nostalgia’ to just rose-tinted glasses with no premise, I respect your opinion, however I disagree as I have come to wholly respect and admire gaming’s history.  This is a hobby, not a pastime, and I would never disregard anyone who remembers their hobbies inception and holds it dearly.  My glasses are always tinted with a pink hue, as I will never forget my own sentimentality towards video games.


Now, you may be thinking “Isn’t this a bit deeper than necessary for a video game article”?  Well, I did mention I have a lot of emotion and time invested in gaming.   However, I did paint myself into a corner, which is causing me a tough time trying to segue into what the article is really about, “Games that need a modern day reboot”.  So, with that being said, how about we just dive right in!

Before I get started, let me preface my list by saying ‘I did NOT play a ton of obscure titles, or anything imported, so my list is not an all-inclusive look at retro games that need a reboot.  This list is just my own, so put down the pitchfork, please.’   This list is also numbered simply so it is easier to find each game, not as a rating system.


Phew, a rant about defending nostalgia into a disclaimer to save this writers proverbial internet cred.  I need to get away from it all, and I think a nice, speedy motorcycle could help.  Oh look, our first segue, albeit slightly forced, into the first game:  Road Rash.

Road Rash Cover

Did you own a SEGA Genesis?  Then you more than likely played this simple, yet entertaining look at traveling across various locals at high speeds while pummeling other racers with chains and baseball bats.  You hit blurring velocity, smacking someone off of their hog, only to go over a hill directly into an oncoming tractor.  For those current gen’ers, this is our early version of games like Burnout.  The first game was released in 1991 for the Genesis, ushering in a string of future versions.  Each game amped up the speed, added in new locations, weapons and bikes, and some great tunes (if you liked that Genesis signature synth guitar).  The 3 iterations were released for the PS1, N64 and the final game, Jailbreak, in 2000 on the PS1 (it was ported 3 years later to the Game Boy Advance).  The final game received moderate reviews, but ultimately ended with the shelving of the series.  Now, 16 years later, we could really use some more ‘high octane’ and ridiculous motorcycle driving again.  Oh, and don’t worry about lack of research in my articles, because I got some great news!  As of this writing, an indie developer called DarkSeas Games is working on what can be considered a modern day reimagining of the Road Rash series.  The game is Road Redemption, and will produce a storyline and modern day advancements. (1)